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Investigating the seasonality of subarctic lakes in changing climate using satellite & field data 

Objectives: This project aims to develop a novel method combining remote sensing, and field data to enhance our understanding of how changing ice cover conditions may influence the aquatic ecosystems in the North Slave region. 

  • Characterize seasonality of physical, biological and chemical lake properties  

  • Relate remote sensed data to field-based observations in order to evaluate seasonal changes and variability in lakes in the North Slave region near Yellowknife. 

  • Examine the relationships accomplished above on other lakes in the region with lack of field-based observations to test the applicability of the relationships across a broader range of lakes. 

Project PI(s):  

  • Homa Kheyrollah Pour (PI) 

  • Micheal English (Co-PI, Wilfrid Laurier University) 

  • Mike Palmer (Co-PI, Aurora College, NWT) 


Project Partner(s): 

  • Andrew Applejohn (GNWT Environment and Natural Resources) 

  • Bruce Hanna (GNWT Environment and Natural Resources) 

  • Cat Fauvelle (Conservation Planner, North Slave Métis Alliance) 

  • Ryan Fequet (Wek’eezhii Land and Water Board) 



Funding: Cumulative Impact Monitoring Program (CIMP) 


Period: 2020/09 to 2023/04 

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