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New Paper by ReSEC Team on Developing New Algorithm to Retrieve Lake Surface Temperatures since 1984

ReSEC research group members Gifty Attiah (PhD candidate) and Homa Kheyrollah Pour, in collaboration with Department of Systems Design Engineering at University of Waterloo (Dr. Andrea Scott) published a paper in the Earth System Science Data Journal entitled “Lake surface temperature retrieved from Landsat satellite series (1984 to 2021) for the North Slave Region”.

The paper outlines the North Slave Lake Surface Temperature (LST) Dataset generated from Landsat satellite series, which utilizes the thermal bands of Landsat to generate an up-to-date lake surface temperature dataset from 1984 to 2021. This study also highlights the spatial and temporal heterogeneity of LST between and within lakes on a 30 m grid. Additionally, data are publicly available for further research, providing valuable insights for communities, scientists, and stakeholders interested in understanding spatial and temporal trends on over 500 lakes in the Northwest Territories over the past 38 years.

Paper can be downloaded here


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