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ReSEC Members present at 34th annual CRRC Days 2021

Members of the Remote Sensing of Environmental Change research group took to the 34th annual Cold Regions Research Centre conference on November 25th and 26th that was held virtually. PhD student, Michael Dallosch gave a 15-minute talk on his research on water quality and algal blooms as they relate to climate change within North American Great Lakes. While a number of students participated in the 3-minute research synopsis competition, resulting with three of our own awarded as best 3-minute talk, Alicia Pouw, Arash Rafat, and Ethan Lim. The following is a list of the participants and their research:

  • Michael Dallosch (UW GEM/WLU GES, PhD): Lake Ice as a Predictor of Algal Biomass in North American Great Lakes.

  • Alicia Pouw (GES MSc): Mapping Lake Ice Snow Distribution over Canada’s Subarctic Lakes Using Remote Sensing Techniques.

  • Arash Rafat (GES MSc): Investigating Interannual Lake Ice Evolution and Composition in Canadian Subarctic Lakes using Thermistor String-based Snow and Ice Mass Balance Apparatus Buoys.

  • Ariana Mansingh (GES UG): Projection of Future Lake Ice Thickness & Phenology Under Future Climate Scenarios Using Remote Sensing and a Thermodynamic Model

  • Ethan Lim (RA): Estimation of Mean Lake Depth from Landsat Lake Surface Temperature.

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