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ReSEC Members present at 35th Annual Cold Regions Conference

Members of the Remote Sensing of Environmental Change research group took to the 35th annual Cold Regions Research Centre Annual Conference on November 24th and 25th. The following is a list of the participants and their research:

  • Gifty Attiah (PhD): Monitoring Lakes Surface Temperature in the North Slave Region, NWT using Remote Sensing​

  • Alicia Pouw (PhD): Innovative Approaches to Monitoring Lake Snow in Canada’s Sub-Arctic

  • Arash Rafat (PhD): Air-Snow-Ice-Water Interactions and Variability in Northern Lakes​

  • Michael Dallosch (UW/WLU PhD): The Role of Climate Change on Algal Biomass

  • Ida Moalemi​ (MSc): Trends of Ice-off Dates on Great Slave and Peace Athabasca Deltas Using Optical Remote Sensing and Random Forest Modeling

  • Ali Reza Shahvaran (UW/WLU MSc): Validation and comparison of semi-empirical Chlorophyll-a retrieval algorithms using multispectral satellite imagery for Western Lake Ontario

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