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ReSEC member at the Canadian Water Summit 2022!

Arash Rafat, ReSEC member, attended the Canadian Water Summit sponsored by Laurier's Sustainability Office. This year’s summit saw the inaugural Downstream Networking Event which was designed to allow students to build connections with industry professionals. The Summit hosted its 13th annual event located in Niagara Falls. Focused on exploring the value of water across the country, the conference was joined by diverse groups of people who were rich with insights––this included industry professionals, key exhibitors, sector leaders and university students! With agenda packed with educational panels and interactive activities, participants discussed all things water (drinking water, stormwater, wastewater etc.) during this two-day event. Some of the key topics included:

  • Water value and governance;

  • Groundbreaking research;

  • Innovative water technology;

  • Protecting public health through data tracking; and

  • Driving diversity and inclusion in the water sector.

A big shoutout goes to all who were involved in making this event possible, special thanks to Laurier's Sustainability Office!


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