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ReSEC Research attended GWF 2021 Annual Science Meeting

ReSEC research group members attended the 2021 GWF virtual conference on May 17-19 2021!

Day 1 Poster Session:

  • Gifty Attiah: Simulation of Ice Thickness and Phenology on Small Northern Lakes using a Spatially Distributed Thermodynamic Lake Ice Model Coupled with Remote Sensing Observations - Poster ID 11

  • Alicia Pouw: Measuring high spatial resolution snow depths over lake ice using Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) and Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) GPS - Poster ID 18

Day 2 Poster Session:

  • Jason Skidmore: Ground penetrating radar data interpretation using electromagnetic field analysis for Canadian subarctic lake ice thickness and snow depth measurement - Poster ID 66

  • Hannah Adams and Jane Ye: Solar radiation and lake algal blooms: The search for a global relationship – Poster ID: 65

Day 3 Poster Session:

  • Ishit Ranjan: Assessment of Remote-sensed Chlorophyll-a dataset from ESA Lakes Climate Change Initiative Project - Poster ID: 140


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