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ReSEC Research Group Attended GWF 2022

Members of ReSEC Research Group attended the Global Water Futures 2022 Annual Open Science Meeting (GWF ASM) virtual conference on May 16th – 18th 2022!

Hydrology & Terrestrial Ecosystems Poster Session

  • Gifty Attiah: Spatial trends and distribution of Surface Temperature and Ice thickness on Subarctic lakes using remote sensing and modelling

  • Alicia Pouw: Accuracy of snow depth estimation on Canadian sub-Arctic lakes using Ground-Penetrating Radar

  • Arash Rafat: Investigating Small-Scale Lake Ice Growth and Temperature Dynamics in two Canadian Subarctic Lakes

Water Quality & Aquatic Ecosystems Poster Session

  • Michael Dallosch: Lake Ice as a Predictor of Algal Biomass in North American Great Lakes

  • Ali Reza Shahvaran: Long-term monitoring of algal biomass in Western Lake Ontario using remote sensing and in situ data


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