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ReSEC Research Group Attended GWF Finale

Members of ReSEC Research Group attended the Global Water Futures (GWF) Final Open Science Meeting - "Results, Capacities, and Solutions" on May 15-17, 2023

  • Gifty Attiah: Coupling Remote Sensing and Modelling to Monitor Trends and Distribution of Surface Temperature and Ice Phenology on Sub-Arctic Lakes​

  • Alicia Pouw: Lake Snow Depth Mapping using a Multi-Sensor Approach​

  • Arash Rafat: Investigating Subarctic Lake Ice Formation and Growth using a Floating Research Station​

  • Ida Moalemi: Slave River Delta Ice Cover and Water Classification using Machine Learning Techniques

  • Ali Reza Shahvaran: Evaluation of Multispectral Air- and Space-borne Chlorophyll-a Products from Remote Monitoring of Eutrophication in Western Lake Ontario​

  • Michael Dallosch: The Role of Lake Physical Variables and Atmospheric Forcings on the Change in Algal Biomass in North American Great Lakes​


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