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WinRIV - Winter Road Interactive Viewer

WinRIV (Winter Road Interactive Viewer) led by ReSEC team at Wilfrid Laurier University, in collaboration with the Northwest Territories Department of Infrastructure and Deline Contracting Ltd. (DCL), is developed as a public web application to communicate the ice road monitoring program and data with Indigenous and Northern communities. The goal of WinRIV is to disseminate information on ice road monitoring to the local community. This application presents interactive data in which the user can engage with recent and historical ice road surveys. During future ice road seasons, the ReSEC Lab will aim to present near real-time data.

WinRIV is not a safety application and is intended to promote open data and community engagement purposes only.


ReSEC Lab - WinRIV Tutorial


App View

ReSEC Lab - WinRIV Gallery



Great Bear lake Ice, NWT

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