Remote Sensing of Environmental Change Research Group

Our Current Projects

Northern Large Lakes as Sentinels of Environmental Changes 
Lake Ice Modeling
Subarctic Small Lake Ecosystems in Changing Climate
Remote Sensing 
of Lake Ice
COVID-19 Pandemic and Water Quality
Urban Eutrophication Risks under Climate Change
    Lake Futures

About Us

Our research will support the emerging spectrum of environmental issues throughout cold regions, applying remote sensing methods and mathematical modeling. We study the response of cold region hydrology related to changing the climate, such as lake ice, snow cover, land cover incorporate satellite observations of surface and subsurface processes in mesoscale numerical models. Our current areas of interest include the development of statistical modeling and machine learning of the relationship between ice extent, environmental drivers, and water quality, the response of lakes to contemporary and projected climate conditions.

Latest News

Homa presented at Laurier's Biology Seminar Series

Alicia and Jane winners of 1st and 2nd place CRRC Days 3-minute research synopsis competition

ReSEC Members present at 33rd annual CRRC Days 2020